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Grow your Startup with Infuscia

We love the growth hacking and the work we do. We work very closely with our clients to deliver the best
possible growth hacks in digital marketing.

367% increase in email contacts for a Fitness & Wearable brand in the first week.

87% growth in website traffic in the first month, for a company offering Loan services.

72% increase (from $368k-$445k) in assisted revenue from social media in one year for a payment gateway company.

Worked for local clients to increase their revenue and brand presence. They also became most reviewed businesses in the country.


About Infuscia

Digital Marketing is the Future of Marketing and We believe that we have a World-Class Super Talented Team that delivers Game-Changing Results and a Huge Return. We’re ROI & Data-Driven Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking Agency based in Delhi/NCR and have played a Big Role for 100+ Startups in India, Asia & Europe.


We Believe in Great Ideas

Whenever you start a new business, it is a must that you build a website. And as soon as you build a website, your digital presence starts. In today’s online world, it is a must that you make your digital presence strong.

Digital marketing gives you an extra age over your competitors. It makes sure that your website and your business is well recognized in the online world and it also makes sure that you get the best exposure to your potential customers.

With the modern and latest techniques, it is a walk in the park for us to determine the plans and once the plan the ready, we start executing them. From creating extraordinary creative ads to high content, we provide it all.

  • PPC

    Pay Per Click was introduced as the marketing method had proven its worth in past decade. Businesses have been profiting to significant figures when PPC is incorporated.


    Search Engine Optimization can help bring some great strides in business expansion and its success. It is, beyond a doubt, that utilizing it to the utmost can substantially assist in making the organization all across the globe. Concocting it with the other marketing strategies is all a business needs.

    Social Media

    The world wants to know what you have in store for them. Social media platforms are the best bet serving the very purpose of communicating your services to people all across the planet. This is the platform where one gets to connect with people from far and wide.

    Web Development

    The website of any organization is pivotal for its success. It should be user-engaging and captivating just as when the visitor pays a visit to the website page. Web Development is what we have expertise in! Our experts are pleased to assist you.


    Every marketer would yearn to have visitors on the web page. More are the number of visitors; more is the probability of business promotion. With Analytics monitor your audience and track their activity. Click here to know your website’s analytics.


    App Store Optimization is quintessential for boosting the number of downloads of any app. Relying on the fact that every app project is different from the other, we utilize our expertise in developing a strategy to promote app on every app store. Visit us to know more!

    Growth Hacking is not anti-marketing, it is the evolution of marketing, it is pro-growth

    Sean Ellis / Coined the phrase Growth Hacking

    Growth Case Studies

    Want to know how our clients achieve results like 240% lift in monthly sign ups, or 20x increase in annualised revenue, or #1 rank in the App store for over six months?

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